“Police dogs” wouldn’t get the same punishment as other dogs that bite people if a bill that cleared the House becomes law. Under present law, dogs who bite a human are to be confined for at least 14 days to check for rabies. The bill makes an exception for police dogs. Representative Roger Broers of Mason City says cop-shop canines don’t run around, wild.Broers says a Des Moines police dog was recently sent to find a suspect, who was hiding under a sink. The dog bit the man to get him out. Representative James Hahn of Muscatine says the bill was drafted in response to an incident in Muscatine.A dog went after a suspect to help an officer and the suspect then wanted the dog to be put down.Mary Mascher of Iowa City was the only Representative to vote against the bill. She said it was unnecessary as Iowa law already says dogs vaccinated for rabies don’t have to be confined if they bite someone, and all police dogs are vaccinated.