The outgoing U-S Attorney for Northern Iowa has found a new job. Stephen Rapp will be a senior prosecuting attorney on the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. Rapp will work for the United Nations to prosecute alleged war criminals and show the world their crimes are not beyond justice. Rapp says he’s long been interested in the work of the international prosecutors, and had asked other lawyers how he could become involved. He says it will be a long-term commitment. Rapp was set to be replaced anyway as President Bush appoints someone from his administration to fill the post. Rapp says he’s proud of the work he’s done as U-S Attorney. Rapp says in addition to enforcing gun laws, he’s proud of his office’s response to gangs and violence, and what he calls the “epidemic” of methamphetamine in Iowa. Donald Nickerson, the outgoing U-S Attorney for Iowa’s Southern District, has taken a job as general counsel for the Wellmark-Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance company.