A looming energy shortage in Iowa is prompting the Governor, business groups and some lawmakers to continue talking about a bill that failed to pass the legislature this past session. Iowa Association of Business and Industry executive director Jim Aipperspach is among those working on a bill that would change state regulations, making it easier for companies to build power plants in Iowa. He says the time is coming when Iowa will have an energy problem as we haven’t built any additional generating capacity.The issue has bogged down, mainly along partisan lines.Governor Tom Vilsack is frustrated utility issues haven’t cleared the legislature.Vilsack isn’t happy with either utility companies on the one side, or with unions and consumer groups on the other. He says he has a tough enough time doing his job, and he shouldn’t have to do their job too.Vilsack warns there’ll be an energy crisis in Iowa in a couple of years if there’s no compromise on the issue.Vilsack says while he’s frustrated, he’ll continue to try to find a solution.