Iowa World War Two veterans who survived the attack on Pearl Harbor will gather to view the opening of the new film depicting the historic battle.Pearl Harbor survivor Dick Mason of Des Moines says the proprietor of a Des Moines theatre’s invited all Iowa Pearl Harbor survivors to a free screening Friday.Mason wonders if it’ll be as good as “Tora Tora Tora” — another Pearl Harbor film. The vets have heard a lot about the new film and are curious. So will the movie bring back painful memories? No, as he says it’s been a long time, and when vets gather they seldom talk about fighting, but about each other’s lives now, and their grandchildren. Another Iowa Pearl Harbor vet, Ray Davis of Des Moines, says this state was the first to organize survivors of that historic attack:Iowans organized in the early fifties, and other states followed, then formed a national chapter. Pearl Harbor veteran Dick Mason says their numbers are dwindling.At one time there were more than 200 veterans at a state meeting, but now the number seems to be about forty. The vets gather for a dinner and remembrance every year on Pearl harbor Day.