Iowa’s arts future was sketched out at a festive gathering today at the State Historical Society. Kent Sissel of Muscatine, one of the three dozen panel members from around the state, read off the final list of goals for Iowa’s cultural vision. “Cultural tourism” was tagged as a priority for state government, and would include exposing visitors to local talent. The list notes that plenty of communities owe their economic vitality to their cultural environment. “Imagine Iowa two-thousand-ten” is the theme for the cultural caucus. Iowans chosen at local forums around the state brought their ideas and gathered at the last minute — Friday morning — to come up with a document that was hastily printed up for the mid-day banquet that spelled out Iowa’s Cultural vision:Short, mid- and long-term goals ranged from simple events like putting kids and seniors together for cultural programs, to the high tech…creating an online “E-Zine” magazine to advertise cultural events and match artists with opportunities. The “Cultural Caucus” is held every four years, and for the first time this year it included a youth arts forum as well.