Iowa’s aspiring playwrights now have an opportunity to see their work come to fruition. A Des Moines-based theatre group is holding a competition for previously unpublished and unproduced full-length plays by Iowa authors. Lisa Norris of the theatre group “Unexpected Company” is the organizer of the “New Voices Iowa Playwright Competition.”Nine plays will be chosen for staged readings in Des Moines. Three finalists will be chosen from the nine, with 150-dollars awarded for third place, 250 for second and 500 for first place. Norris says the finalists will get other benefits beyond the money — they’ll also bring the playwrights to Des Moines to hear readings of their plays, and talk with the actors and director. The winner will also get their play produced complete with costumes and sets. Norris decided to start the contest after finding it tough to get her plays developed.She says Iowa’s theatre resources are limited, and that makes it tough for aspiring playwrights to grow in the state. The competition begins July 1st.You can get entry forms at: or call toll-free at: 877-250-0124. Norris says the staged readings of the selected plays will begin in September of 2002.