We’ve all heard of storm chasers. A man who calls himself the Lightning Stalker is appearing at the Science Center of Iowa this week. David O. Stillings is a lightning photographer and he’ll be teaching kids and adults about the dangerous bolts of electricity from the sky.This is Lightning Awareness Week. Stillings has been shooting pictures of lightning since 1976 and has captured some 90-thousand images of the powerful charges. He says people must learn to respect lightning storms, though he admits it means “do as I say, not as I do.” He says he’s been standing in storms for 25 years trying to get good lightening pictures, but he says he’s learned what to do to avoid being hit.Stillings was nearly hit by lightning in 1985 as he stood beside his metal tripod. He says every hair on his body seemed to stand on end before the bolt struck about a yard away and scorched the earth.Stillings will deliver his talks and slide shows at 7 p-m on Thursday and Friday nights at the Science Center of Iowa in Des Moines. For more information, consult his website at “www.lightningstalker.com” or for details on the Center, go to “www.sciowa.org”.