The Midwest Citizen Advocacy Panel which makes recommendations to improve the I-R-S has released its second annual report. Peggy Casper, who farms with her husband in the Winterset area, is one of the Iowans on the panel. She says one of the biggest gripes from taxpayers is the difficulty in accessing the I-R-S tollfree information line, especially around tax time. Casper says another top concern is the complexity of tax laws. The 12-member panel is made up of private citizens from Iowa, Nebraska and Wisconsin. Casper has served on the panel two-and-a half years, so this is the second report she’s helped to compile.Casper says last year’s annual report outlined many of the same concerns, but she’s confident the I-R-S is working to improve its services. Anyone with concerns can call the CAP at 888-912-1227 or surf to “”.