There are plenty of charity bike rides. One today in central Iowa has the goal of raising money to have a place to ride bikes.Kathi Henely is the recreation director for the town of Perry, which is co-sponsoring today’s Hiawatha Classic. It’s a 40-mile trek, starting in Perry, going into rural Dallas County, to Dawson, to Rippey and back to Perry. Henely says it’s a good warm-up bike ride for anyone who wants to start making longer rides.Henely says money raised goes toward buying land to build and maintain the the proposed Hiawatha Trail which will cut through the region.The trail will eventually connect several small towns, including Perry, Jamaica, Dawson, Herndon and Woodward and will link up with the Heart of Iowa trail at Slater, forming a 100-mile loop northwest of Des Moines. Registration for the ride began at 7 this morning with the riders taking off at 9 o’clock.