The company that makes the genetically modified “StarLink” corn is expanding the ring of farmers eligible for damage payments. The latest settlement involves farmers who didn’t plant StarLink corn, or who didn’t have cornfield planted in a 660 feet zone next to a StarLink field. Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller says tests surprisingly turned up traces of StarLink in some of those fields, even though it was originally thought that wasn’t possible. Miller says cornmaker Aventis will make up for money farmers are docked for StarLink corn, which is not approved for human consumption. The company will pay five cents-a-bushel to farmers who fed the corn to livestock, and 10 cents-a-bushel to farmers who sold the corn.He says if farmers can trace their seedcorn back to Aventis, they’ll be paid 25 cents-a-bushel. Miller says farmers need to sell the corn by September 1st to be eligible for a payment. Farmers planning on feeding the corn to their livestock can request an extension. Farmers who want to sign up for the payment, or request an extension, can call Aventis toll free at: 1-866-785-8665.