Iowa’s only democrat congressman is blasting the energy policy that’s passed the House, which would allow oil drilling in part of the Alaskan wilderness.Congressman Leonard Boswell says the policy doesn’t do anything new.Boswell says not enough’s been done to look at alternative sources of energy.The entire bill also includes more than 33-Billion dollars in tax breaks for the energy industry, and there’s an increase in mileage requirements for sport utility vehicles. The proposal passed the House Thursday, but has an uncertain future in the Senate.On another topic, Boswell says he agrees with other veterans when it comes to moving Election Day to coincide with Veterans Day. Boswell says veterans feel like there’s too much attempt to bypass their feelings. He says Veterans Day should be Veterans Day.Boswell is a Vietnam veteran. The recommendation of combining Election Day and Veterans Day was part of a report by a national commission that recently made recommendations to President Bush.