The hot night was hotter in Waterloo where a large industrial painting facility caught fire and burned to the ground. Waterloo Assistant Fire Chief Ray Moore says the call came in just before 11 o-clock last night from Cedar Metal Works, which was engulfed in flames when fire trucks arrived.Assistant Chief Moore says a second shift of workers was on duty at the time of the fire. All seven employees were safely evacuated. The investigation into the cause of the fire is still underway, but Moore says it’s already fairly certain what happened.An employee tipped over a pail of paint cleaner, igniting a painting booth and the flames quickly spread. Several fires across Iowa this week have resulted in firefighters being injured in the extreme heat. Moore says the overnight blaze in Waterloo was no different.One firefighter was nearly overcome by the heat. He was able to drink fluids and “take it easy” and did not require hospitalization. Moore says part of the office area was saved but the roof caved in over the 25-hundred square foot main building, which was gutted.