Some Iowa cellular phone customers are getting a whopper of a surprise in their bills.Some Qwest wireless customers were billed up to 600-dollars a minute, which adds up to many thousands of dollars in a month’s time. Qwest/Iowa spokesman Michael Sadler says they’re taking calls from some “understandably” irate folks. He explains that Qwest was upgrading its billing system and a software glitch charged the customers erroneously. Sadler says the Denver, Colorado-based Qwest is apologizing to its customers and is rectifying the situation. He says they’re actually fixing the bills before people call.About 14-thousand Qwest customers in 14 states got, or will soon get, the flawed bills. Sadler did not know the number of Iowa customers effected, but doesn’t think it was many. Sadler says the bills are being fixed and customers are being notified via text messages on their cell phones.