As parents prepare to send their kids back to school this month, some children may need shots, in addition to paper, pencils and new shoes. Cerro Gordo County Immunization Clinic director Kathy Hoopman says parents need to make sure children entering kindergarten have had several vaccines.After age four, kids need to have had three shots: diptheria/tetanus, M-M-R/Polio and the Hepatitis-B series. Hoopman says those are -likely- the only vaccines kids will need for several years.Due to the shortage of the tetanus vaccine, she says parents will need to keep in mind their young teenagers will need that booster next year. Hoopman says it’s not just the young kids getting shots — college-bound students should already know what vaccines they need too.Some college campuses have suffered outbreaks of meningitis in the last decade, but Hoopman says shots might not be necessary.