Fans of the “Powerball The Gameshow” will see some changes when the new season begins in October.The show in which players participate in games for cash, is an outgrowth of the “Powerball” lottery drawings. Iowa Lottery spokeswoman Mary Neubauer talks about some of the changes.She says three new states will be added to the 10 that now send contestants to the show. Contestants will get to stay in Hollywood three nights instead of two, and they’ll get 750 dollars to spend Neubauer says they’re also adding a couple of new games to the show. One is called the “Brainiac” and pits contestants against a computer. Neubauer says one Iowa contestant a week wins a chance to be on the show, and there’ve been 17 chosen to play at home.The player who makes it to the final round of the show gets a shot at winning one million dollars. Gameshow legend Bob Eubanks hosts the show which is shown Saturday evenings in Iowa.