The Burlington, Iowa, man accused of kicking his neighbor’s puppy to death says the dog was constantly pooping in his yard — and he was forced to clean it up. Raymond Peebler’s trial is featured on cable television’s “Court T-V”. Peebler’s defense attorney says neighbor John Wilt’s dog was a nuisance. He says Peebler asked 20 or 30 times for Wilt to keep his dogs off their lawn.The fracas happened this past Father’s Day. Neighbor John Wilt was walking his two dogs when an irate Peebler confronted him and kicked his six-month-old Yorkshire terrier named Cascade. He says the dog flew up in the air and landed on the other side of the sidewalk where it collapsed and went into convulsions.Wilt says as he carried his injured dog away from the scene, Peebler kept threatening him. Wilt said he told Peebler “He would pay for it,” explaining he meant Peebler would pay legally, one way or another. The dog’s heart was ruptured by the kick and he bled to death. The prosecutor says this is a clear case of animal abuse. If convicted, Peebler could get up to two years in prison and a five thousand dollar fine.