Conflicts with in-laws can cause marital troubles, even decades into a marriage, according to an Iowa State University study. Lead author Dr. Chalandra Bryant says more than 450 rural Iowa families were studied over several years.Researchers found for many couples, discord with any of the in-laws was associated with a diminished view of the success of their marriage. The couples were stable and had been married between 13 and 36 years, yet they were still influenced by their in-laws. Dr. Bryant, a professor of human development and family studies at I-S-U, says she found the study findings a bit of a surprise.She says you’d think such influence by in-laws would decrease over time or no longer have any effect, but that wasn’t the case. Bryant says several things have become apparent to her about marital success over the course of doing the study.Open communication, talking to your spouse about feelings in regards to inlays is very important. The study found wives appeared to have better relationships with their in-laws if they perceived their marriage to be strong. However, husbands who thought their marriage was secure did not have improved contact with their spouse’s parents.