The top brass of the Iowa National Guard returned to the scene of their spring deployment today to thank a host they encountered while on duty in Davenport.Guard spokesman Colonel Robert King says the Clarion Hotel went beyond the call of duty in helping the tired, muddy Army and Air National Guard troops on duty during the spring’s Mississippi River flooding.When 250 troops were called out in April and May, the hotel down by the river was still in operation, and some asked to use showers there. Colonel King says the owners of the hotel did more than asked. The hotel provided almost 50-thousand dollars worth of accommodations for guard troops who otherwise would have slept on cots in the Davenport armory. King points out the owner of the hotel didn’t have to volunteer the rooms for the troops.King says it was “the right thing to do” to express appreciation. King says the Clarion’s owner has said the government can only do so much and private citizens should take up the slack. Recognition also came from the area representative of “Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve.” The awards were given to hotel manager Mavis Dare, and owner Syed Quadri.