Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says Congress is reconvening this morning to show terrorists they can’t stop America from moving forward in the face of destruction. He says they may not get to Tuesday’s agenda until tomorrow, but the business of government is carrying on.Many people have made comparisons between yesterday’s attacks on the East Coast and the December 7th, 1941, attack on Pearl Harbor. Grassley says there’s one key difference — at the outset of World War Two, the identity of the adversary was known.Grassley has heard the reports from across the U-S and in Iowa about gas stations charging four-to-six dollars for a gallon of gas. He says it’s ridiculous and very unpatriotic.Grassley was not among the members of Congress who appeared on the steps of the U-S Capitol last night in a show of solidarity and to sing “God Bless America.” Grassley says he was invited and wanted to go — but the traffic was too thick for him to get back to the capitol.