Iowa contestants scheduled to appear in new episodes of “Powerball the Gameshow” won’t fly to Los Angeles this weekend. Iowa Lottery spokeswoman Mary Neubauer says they felt it was the best thing to do in light of the recent hijackings, as many contestants did not feel right about traveling.Neubauer says around two-dozen Iowans are usually taken to L-A to film the show.They fly 10 contestants and family members, for a group of around 20. Neubauer says 11 other states also send contestants to the show. She says they need to re-schedule the taping sometime soon.The new season of the show is scheduled to start on October 6th, with the episodes of the show that were to be taped this weekend. Contestants chosen for the show are given an all-expenses paid three-day trip to L-A for the taping of the show.