A crisis counselor says Iowa children who watched the unfolding events on T-V may have questions which the adults in their lives -need- to answer. Ken Zimmerman, a clinical social worker at the Mental Health Center of North Iowa in Mason City has seen and talked to many troubled kids since the terrorist attacks on Tuesday. He says there are young children who’re drawing pictures of planes hitting buildings.Zimmerman has 30 years of experience in dealing with disasters and emergency situations. He says there are many things Iowa parents can do to help reassure their children — while being completely honest. He says be able to help them by being aware of what they’re asking for.He says not to try and protect children from the facts, to be frank with them, listen carefully and answer their direct questions. He says in some disaster situations, children won’t show the signs of extreme stress until six months after the incident.Ken Hayes, a counselor at Crossroads Mental Health in Creston, says anxiety and fear are normal reactions to such tragedies.Hayes says parents might try a little “art therapy” with their kids. He says sometimes it helps for kids to draw pictures and to talk about the pictures, while teenagers often want to write poetry.Hayes says it’s important to channel your anger properly. And he says laughter is often the best medicine. He says making jokes may seem inappropriate, but it helps people deal with things.