A peace advocacy group is calling on Americans to cool their anger and calls for retaliation in the wake of Tuesday’s terrorist attacks. Kathleen McQuillen is the leader of the American Friends Service Committee.

McQuillen says military attacks will not solve anything.She says violence only breeds more violence at an escalating rate that she says will eventually restrict all our freedoms. McQuillen says the U-S needs to examine the reasons behind the attack.She says seeking to understand is not to condone, but to fail to seek that understanding is to condemn us to ignorance.

 McQuillen says the U.S. needs to seek punishment through international law, not with military force. Sandra Sanchez is the Immigrant Rights Director for A-F-S-C. Sanchez says she came to American from Mexico 10 years ago and is now a U.S. citizen.

Sanchez says the attack was not against freedom, it was against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and the things they stand for. Sanchez says military retaliation will not help.She says she doesn’t want a violent response, because she came to the U.S. to flee violence, poverty and pain.

 Sanchez says the U.S. needs to look at the way it treats other countries to understand why the terrorists attacked.McQuillen says the American people have little understanding of world events and how the U-S treats other countries.