Governor Tom Vilsack says he talked with Iowa and Iowa State officials before Saturday’s game was cancelled.Vilsack says he didn’t dictate what the decision should be, but suggested to the university presidents how it should be handled once it was made.Vilsack says if the game had been played, the message should have been that terrorists won’t get us “off our game.” He says since the game was cancelled, he advised the Presidents not to talk about security concerns, but focus on the idea that the cancellation was a way of memorializing those who died in the attacks. Vilsack says the universities made the right decision not to play, but Vilsack says it was important for the high school football games on Friday night to go on, to give Iowa teens a sense of normalcy. Vilsack says having those regular Friday night games helped send a message of stability to kids.Vilsack had suggested fans were red, white and blue if there had been an Iowa/Iowa State game.