Pediatricians across Iowa are trying to focus on helping young people get the mental health care they need during October as part of “Child Health Month.” Dr. Brenda Cruikshank is a University of Iowa professor of pediatrics at the Children’s Hospital of Iowa in Iowa City. She’s co-chairing this month’s effort to help children under the heading “It’s Okay to Ask for Help.” Cruikshank says only about one-third of the children who need help, get it.Studies have found children and teens with untreated mental health problems are more likely to grow up to be unemployed, abuse drugs, become physically ill and serve time in prison.Specialists advise parents to talk frequently to their children and listen carefully to their responses. A child with a mental health disorder may seem sad, tired, restless or may spend a lot of time alone and exhibiting low self-esteem. For more information, call 888 573-5437 or surf to: “”.