Governor Tom Vilsack wants lawmakers to establish a trigger that would boost state spending if the economy gets better by December. Lawmakers are due back in Des Moines November 8th for a special session to restore only a tenth of the 200-million dollars worth of cuts made by the across-the-board reduction in the state budget.Vilsack is encouraging Iowans to spend this holiday season as a means of boosting the economy.Vilsack wants the federal government to extend unemployment benefits, and he is considering expanding the number of laid-off Iowans who may qualify for jobless pay. He says individuals who’ve worked as a temp worker for an extended period of time often have a hard time getting unemployment benefits.Vilsack meets with legislators at four o’clock this afternoon to discuss the state budget situation and the upcoming special session.Vilsack says a group of Iowa superintendents are wasting their time in lobbying for a penny increase in the state sales tax to boost spending for schools. Vilsack says it’s just not politically do-able right now.The superintendents say the one-cent statewide sales tax increase would help schools and could help reduce property taxes which support local schools.