Immigration lawyers face off with the INS in a pair of seminars this week. Immigration attorneys and representatives of the I-N-S will attend seminars this week in Des Moines and Lincoln, Nebraska. Immigration lawyer Gregory Minter explains often the attorneys and government officials face off on opposite sides of a case.While everyone gets due process, last Friday the president signed a new law giving more power to the Justice Department, the “parent” of the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Minter says immigrants are concerned about being under more intense scrutiny since September eleventh.The INS says it’s business as usual, but he thinks they’ll take more care with enforcement. Minter says more people all the time want to immigrate to the United States, and the main reason is our quality of life.Another reason is that there are still plenty of jobs here. Despite unemployment rates inching upward, Minter says employers are still in need of more workers, and immigrants will take those jobs.