Governor Vilsack and legislators are “close” to finalizing a plan to restore about a tenth of the cuts made in the state budget. A 200-million dollar across-the-board cut went into effect Thursday. Senate Republican Leader Stewart Iverson of Dows was among a group of legislative leaders who met Friday with Vilsack. He says they’re trying to work out as much as they can.Lawmakers are scheduled to return to Des Moines on November 8th for a “special session” to deal with the budget issues, like restoring the cuts made in public defense, public safety and the prison system. House Democrat Leader Dick Myers of Iowa City says progress has been made.Myers says the group of state leaders will meet again Tuesday.Three republican legislators, Senator Steve King of Kiron and Representatives Mike Cormack of Fort Dodge and Bob Brunkhorst of Waverly, say deeper budget cuts are in order, and they won’t support the plan their leaders are crafting. House Republican Leader Christopher Rants of Sioux City says he’s comfortable with the plan under negotiation, and can’t comment on the alternative suggested by the three mavericks.Legislators intend to pass a bill restoring about 21-MILLION dollars worth of cuts in the state budget, including six-and-a-half MILLION which public K-through-12 schools could use to fill holes in their budgets.