The state’s Drug Czar says there were signs of improvement in the fight against drugs in 2001.A new report from Drug Czar Bruce Upchurch shows a decline in drunk driving and pubic intoxication arrests. There’s also a decline in tobacco use, the sale of tobacco to minors, and in the use of cocaine and crack. Upchurch says the goal for 2002 is to hold the line on these issues in the face of a tighter budget.Upchurch says there’s been an increase in marijuana and methamphetamine use that he’s concerned about. He says a dip in the economy can impact drug use.As the economy gets worse, he says the use of all types of drugs seems to go up. Upchurch says he’s taking steps to keep on top of the drug situation despite budget cuts.Upchurch says he’s reviewing everything that his Office of Drug Control Policy does to ensure that they’re making best use of their resources.