Republican candidate for Governor Steve Sukup says democrat Governor Tom Vilsack’s background is suspect. Sukup, who’s from Dougherty, says by comparison, his background’s pure Iowa. Sukup was born and raised in northern Iowa, attended Iowa State University, and now helps run the family business, which produces grain drying equipment and grain bins. Sukup says Vilsack’s policies fail because he starts with the premise that there’s something wrong with Iowans. As you may recall, Vilsack was orphaned then adopted by a Pennsylvania couple. After college, Vilsack settled in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, to practice law with his father-in-law. Sukup says a recent survey shows Iowans are uncomfortable with Vilsack’s leadership. Sukup says the survey shows less than half of Iowans think the state has a bright future. He says his business background, not the governor’s background as a trial lawyer, make him better able to do what it takes to make the state grow. That same survey found Vilsack winning a match-up against Sukup — almost two-to-one. Sukup is traveling the state this week, formally kicking off his campaign for Governor. In the 1998 campaign, Vilsack opponent Jim Lightfoot also emphasized his own Iowa roots, in contrast with Vilsack’s out-of-state childhood.