New security measures will be in place at the Iowa statehouse Friday, but Governor Tom Vilsack expects kinks in the new system. He says everyone is going to have to be patient in efforts to “securitize” the building.Vilsack is concerned about the lines that’ll form outside the building, especially during a harsh Iowa winter. He says they have to be willing to adjust if the problem becomes severe.Vilsack says he’s concerned about giving people the impression the capital is closed to the public. He says it is the “public’s capitol,” but says he thinks people understand and are patient with the security measures.Two metal detectors will be installed, and all other entrances closed to the public. Vilsack, other state officials and government workers have been issued I-D badges to gain entry. Vilsack says he’s not very good about remembering his badge, but joked that hopefully people at the Statehouse would recognize him.Vilsack says the statehouse security system will be a test-run, as other state buildings will get heightened security within the next few years.