We’re 11 days into the new year. How goes the diet? Iowans who are failing to shed pounds might need to re-focus their efforts. Many of us work out before or after work, but ignore the 40-hours or so a week we’re -at- work. Cindy Conroy, a registered dietician at the Iowa Heart Center, says avoid eating at your desk or storing food in the drawer, unless it’s something nutritious. Conroy says kill coffee and smoke breaks and take health breaks instead, by exercising or taking a short walk. She says that’ll raise your heart rate, burn more calories through the day and it’ll perk you up. Conroy says many of us have well-meaning co-workers who always keep a jar of candy or a bowl of chocolate on their desks. She admits, those treats can be tough to avoid, unless you’re committed.Conroy says to enlist co-workers in your efforts to stay healthy by taking walk breaks together and agree not to tempt each other with high-fat, high-calorie junk.