Reports say the C-I-A now believes Osama bin Laden has left Afghanistan and may no longer be in southern Asia. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says the U-S military forces will continue to pursue the terrorist leader into whatever nation he may flee.Grassley says Americans can’t forget what happened on September 11th and that bin Laden is responsible. He says President Bush warned us months ago the war on terrorism will be a long one.Grassley says the enthusiasm is waning after the routing of the Taliban and now the attention has to move to other places where bin Laden and his minions may be hiding.Senator Grassley is considering whether the federal government should tighten up the protections for retirement plan participants in light of Enron’s collapse. Many Enron employees lost their pensions when the company’s stock tanked.Grassley is the ranking republican on the Senate Finance Committee, which has the primary responsibility for making sure retirement plans comply with the tax code and other laws.Millions of Americans have hundreds of billions of dollars invested in employer-sponsored retirement plans. These plans receive very favored treatment under our federal tax code.