Immigration authorities have arrested 75 illegal aliens who were headed for Iowa on commercial buses.I.N.S. deputy district director Tom DeRouchey says most had come across the border from Mexico, and for this leg of the trip, bought tickets on Greyhound.There were 16 buses stopped over two days, though the last one had 28 aliens on it. DeRouchey says the 75 taken off buses this week weren’t intending to stay in Iowa.They were interdicted in Ogallala, Nebraska, and were headed toward Iowa on their way to Chicago. Most of the Chicago ticket-holders were identified as illegal aliens from Mexico, though DeRouchey says a few were from other countries, staying on with expired visas. The I.N.S. is after organizations that smuggle people in, mostly to get jobs. While it’s not the van, truck or foot travel often cited in cases of illegal border crossing, DeRouchey says they’ve been intercepting commercial travelers for a long time. In southwestern cities, they take airplanes. All but 10 of the arrested illegals were from Mexico, and have already been deported. DeRouchey says on one bus alone, 23 illegals were found. The stops and detentions took place Tuesday and Wednesday this week.