Republican Steve Sukup says an opponent for the Republican Party’s nomination for Governor has too much baggage. Sukup is sending a letter to 10-thousand Iowa republican activists, ridiculing competitor and lawyer Doug Gross’ client list.Sukup says Gross has represented casinos and hog lots — as a lawyer lobbyist. Sukup says it’d be stupid for republicans to nominate a lawyer to face off in November against democrat Governor Tom Vilsack, who’s also a lawyer.Gross defends his legal work, and says he’s worked in the private sector trying to help businesses.Gross says Iowans are sick and tired of name-calling. Gross says the candidates should be focusing, instead, on how to make the state better.Sukup says if he’s going to go toe-to-toe with a special interest lawyer, he might as well bring it up now. Sukup, Gross and Bob Vander Plaats are competing for the Republican Party’s gubernatorial nomination.