The Clear Lake City Council does not want an egg-processing plant placed near the west edge of the lake. The council unanimously adopted a resolution last night which says the city does not want to have Sparboe, the nation’s sixth largest egg producer, to build a three-million laying bird operation south of Ventura. Clear Lake City Councilman Ben Furleigh brought the resolution to the council.Furleigh doesn’t believe the economic gain is worth the environmental risks, and says decisions on whether or not a facility should be built should come from the local level, not by the state.Councilman Rod Pump says there’s a lot of concern from people about what the environmental effects of the proposed plant will be to the lake. He says it’s a lake issue, not just an issue for the City of Clear Lake. Pump says he’s had a lot of phone calls asking the city to take action. He says he’s afraid of the environmental effects too. He says they need to know if the facility will increase the airborne phosphorus that’s already been a problem.There will be a town hall meeting at the Ventura High School Gymnasium Thursday at 7 p-m discuss the proposed Sparboe plant.