A former C-I-A director and top Navy commander is delivering two lectures in Iowa City today on America’s fight against terrorism. Stansfield Turner says a cornerstone of President Bush’s plan to wage and win the long-term war on terrorism is to end the proliferation of nuclear and biological weapons of mass destruction.The retired four-star admiral says the U-S should first reduce its own nuclear arsenal. Turner, who was C-I-A chief under President Carter, says “we’re sitting here on a stockpile of about ten-thousand nuclear warheads today and telling the world that countries like North Korea, Iran and Iraq shouldn’t have one nuclear weapon. It just is inconsistent.” Turner says Iowans can best help in the war on terrorism by staying well informed.Turner, an Illinois native, says the government -does- respond, though sometimes slowly, to the will of the people. Turner’s first lecture is at noon in Iowa City Congregational Church. The second address is at the University of Iowa Main Library at 7 p-m. Both are free and open to the public.