The second super-sized educational/entertainment theatre to appear in eastern Iowa opens its doors tomorrow. Davenport’s Putnam Museum is ready to debut its 14.2 million-dollar IMAX Theatre after a full year of construction. Patti Hammer, the IMAX marketing specialist for the Davenport museum, says the screen is five stories high and seven stories wide with a ten thousand watt sound system and 270 sloped stadium-style seats. Hammer says the first movie to hit the screen at 11:30 A-M Saturday is called “Journey into Amazing Caves.” Viewers will see three different caves around the world.Cedar Rapids opened its first IMAX theatre last year, which Hammer says is a complement to the new Davenport facility.Cedar Rapids’ is a domed theatre, where Davenport’s is a flat screen with 3-D capability. For more information on the Davenport IMAX, call (563) 324-1933.