In the months since nine-eleven, thousands of Iowans are sporting American flag stickers on their cars. They can also show their patriotism with a new license plate.You may not have seen one in traffic yet, as there’s only about a thousand of the new plates in circulation statewide so far. Andy Lewis, at the Iowa Office of Vehicle Services, says the plates say “God Bless America” above an embossed image.The emblem is the Statue of Liberty in front of an American flag in the shape of the nation. Lewis says there’s room for five characters on the special plate. If you’re interested in a 25-dollar standard version, call your county treasurer’s office. For a 50-dollar personalized version, contact the state Office of Vehicle Services. Lewis says you’ll be seeing plenty more of the patriotic plates as the orders keep coming in.To see the plate and for more information, surf to this website:”” and click on the “God Bless America License Plate.”