Rising temperatures are causing records to drop all over the state today. National Weather Service meteorologist Frank Boksa says we’re going with the warm flow today.He says a strong southerly warm wind flow has pushed up from Missouri and Kansas into Iowa. The weather records last spring were for dangerous weather, but this spring’s been much milder thus far. We’ve not had a tornado reported in Iowa yet this spring, and only one severe thunderstorm. Last year there were a record 86 tornadoes. Boksa says the nice stuff could soon change.He says clouds will increase tomorrow and temperatures will slowly drop into the weekend. He says temperatures could be down into the mid 50s by the weekend. Boksa says it’s not surprising to see such an up and down cycle.He says you have to pay for the good with a little bit of bad. Des Moines, Burlington, Mason City, Waterloo and the Quad Cities are just a few of the towns to see record highs broken as the mercury hits the upper 80s.