Feeling stressed? Dozens of locations across the state are offering free check-ups today as part of National Anxiety Screening Day. Margaret Stout is executive director of NAMI Iowa, also known as the Alliance for the Mentally Ill of Iowa. Stout says many Iowans are feeling anxious, particularly after the events of September 11th and the concerns over another attack.Stout says 14-percent of Americans will experience anxiety in their lifetimes as will three-to-five percent of children. She says Iowans should consider calling a toll-free number today to find the nearest free screening location if they’re exhibiting some of the following symptoms.Fatigue, inability to relax, constantly on edge — a host of symptoms can be considered an anxiety disorder for which you should seek treatment. There are screening locations all over Iowa where people can go and fill out a brief questionnaire. Some of the questions deal with things like whether they’re experiencing a shortness of breath, persistent feelings of irritation, impatience, or unreasonable fears. She says they take the questions and then put them through a machine that gives them an idea if you need counseling.Roughly one in five Iowans may experience a mental illness and one in four families are impacted by such disorders. For information about the nearest screening location, call 888-442-2022.