The Iowa Legislature’s “Oversight” Committee is launching an investigation of academic fraud involving athletes at Iowa Central Community College in Fort Dodge. Republican Senator Mary Lundby of Marion says the incident sets a bad example. Lundby says she’s concerned that athletes and administrators involved in the situation were not held accountable. Lundby says lawmakers are also angry the school tried to keep some of the records in the case sealed from public view. Lundby says the legislature will also launch a long-term review of the community college system in general, and in particular, the role of athletics at the 15 area colleges.Lundby says the goal of the community colleges is to provide technical training or a start to a four-year degree, and she’s not sure sports fits into that. Lundby, though, says she doesn’t want to draw any conclusions before the committee holds its hearings. Lundby says the community college system hasn’t changed much since it was created in 1965.The Legislative Oversight Committee will consider changing the way the colleges are governed. She says it may be time to have a K-14 philosophy when they fund the community colleges.The 15 area community colleges, which are financed by tuition, property taxes and state tax dollars, operate from 30 main campuses today, with a number of smaller, satellite attendance centers.Back in March, the Iowa Central football coach, athletic director and a vice president pled guilty to altering grades for athletes.