A-A-R-P leaders are calling on the group’s senior-citizen members to telephone Iowa’s two U-S Senators and ask ’em to support a prescription drug benefit plan for Medicare.A-A-R-P Iowa president Dan Powers says it’s ridiculous that in 21st century America many older Americans cannot afford to buy the drugs their doctors prescribe.Powers says the lack of a prescription drug benefit in Medicare is causing severe hardship for thousands of Iowans and millions of Americans who are over the age of 65.But an A-A-R-P survey conducted in Iowa over the weekend shows the issue isn’t overwhelmingly supported in the “over 50” crowd. Less than a third said they would refuse to vote for a Senator who didn’t support a Medicare prescription drug benefit. And only half of those surveyed said they “strongly support” the idea of having government-run Medicare offer coverage for prescriptions. The rest “somewhat” supported the idea, oppose it or just don’t care.