Democrats are criticizing Republican Congressman Greg Ganske for failing to provide health insurance to the workers on his U-S Senate campaign. Rob Tully, vice chair of the Iowa Democratic Party, says Ganske — who’s a plastic surgeon — should offer the benefit.Tully says Dr. Ganske touts himself as a leader in the battle to win a “Patient’s Bill of Rights” while failing to provide health insurance for his own employees. Tully says Doug Gross, the Republican candidate for Governor, provides health care coverage for his campaign staff, as does every Democrat running for statewide office, including Ganske’s opponent, Senator Tom Harkin. Ann Warren, a spokeswoman for the Ganske campaign, says everyone on staff has health insurance either through a spouse or their parents. Warren says the Democrats are just trying to deflect attention away from the fact that Tom Harkin and other Democrats in the Senate failed to pass a prescription drug benefit plan for senior citizens.