Tim McDonald is the first-ever Federal Security Director for airports at Waterloo, Mason City, Fort Dodge and Des Moines. McDonald is a veteran state criminal investigator who takes over the new position. The job was created after 9-11, when Congress decided to federalize airport security and the process of screening all baggage. McDonald says the most important part of the new security process will be you, the traveler. He says a lot of people need to cooperate to speed the security process. The newly created Transportation Security Administration will hold McDonald to two deadlines in his new job, the first a mandate to bring gate-screening staff up to full strength by November 19th.He says to keep customers happy, they must create a safe and secure environment, with enough staff so people don’t face long lines. The second deadline is being able by December 31st to screen every piece of luggage that goes through the airports. To do that, the security boss must replace all the privately employed screeners with new government hires. McDonald says it’s easy to apply for one of the new jobs, because you begin on the Internet. He says Monster-dot-com will pull up jobs available at whichever location you specify and you can see the duties the job entails and what requirements you must meet to apply. On the site www.monster.com look for the initials TSA to click for info on one of the security-screening jobs.