The reaction to the dismissal of defensive back Bennie Sapp was one of the main questions asked of University of Iowa football players at Friday’s media day. Junior safety Bob Sanders recently pled guilty to a drunk driving charge, and says he was surprised to learn of Sapp’s dismissal. Sanders says he was sorry for what he did and admitted it and wanted to move on. Sanders says Sapp’s dismissal was devastating. Junior running back Aaron Greving says the meeting where they learned about the decision was emotional. He says it was an up and down rollercoaster as they talked about what happened.Greving doesn’t believe the incident will be a problem from here out, as the decision’s been made and they’re moving on.Sapp was one of 10 University of Iowa football and basketball athletes to be arrested since last fall. Junior tight end Dallas Clark was asked if the media was paying too much attention to the legal problems of the players. Clark says the players have opened the door for reporters to talk about it and he says it’s sad they’ve made the mistakes. He says they now have to move on.Clark says the whole situation will hopefully work out well for everyone. He says Sapp is a great guy who has made some bad decisions and has to pay the price. He says in the long run, hopefully, Sapp will learn from the situation and be a better person. Iowa opens their season August 31st against Akron.