Senator Charles Grassley voted against the U-S attack of Iraq 12 years ago, but he’d likely support U-S intervention if the present Bush Administration orders an Iraq attack.Grassley voted “no” 12 years ago, he says, because he feared a “Vietnam syndrome” backlash in the U-S, but he says Americans proved him wrong by supporting the Gulf War. And Grassley says Americans are supportive of an invasion of Iraq now.Grassley says Bush should get Congressional backing — a vote of support from both the House and Senate — before attacking Iraq.Grassley says it’s been demonstrated that Saddam Hussein is a threat to stability in the region, is providing aid and comfort to terrorists, and has repeatedly ignored United Nations rules set in place after the Gulf War.Grassley says if the rule of law is to be supreme, we can’t let Saddam Hussein get away with violating U-N resolutions and the Gulf War peace treaty he signed 12 years ago.