Recent hail storms destroyed the roofs of hundreds of homes in the Mason City area. Now, the Landfill of North Iowa is seeing a massive influx in dumped old shingles. Landfill education coordinator Bill Rowland says the facility is able to handle the shingles with the regular garbage. Rowland says the number of loads per day has doubled since roofing work reached a peak during the past month. While the shingles are taking up more space than anticipated before the storm, he says the landfill has enough space to meet the region’s needs for decades to come. Rowland says people taking loads of shingles to the landfill need to make sure their loads are secured. The Landfill of North Iowa is averaging about 200 loads per day, double the normal amount. The landfill is between Mason City and Clear Lake in rural Cerro Gordo County and serves all of Cerro Gordo and Franklin counties, and ten communities from other counties.