Doug Gross, the Republican candidate for Governor, says democrat Governor Tom Vilsack’s has the wrong approach to encourage kids to go to college. Vilsack this morning said the state should pay five years worth of the interest on student loans for college grads who stay in Iowa. Gross says it won’t work. Gross says the best way to get more kids to go to college is to make a college education more affordable by controlling the cost of tuition.Gross says by focusing on creating a better economic climate in Iowa, college grads will find jobs here and you won’t have to “bribe them” to stay in Iowa. Gross says tuition increases at Iowa, Iowa State and U-N-I during Vilsack’s watch have been too steep.Gross says tuition hikes should be limited to what’s called the “higher education price index” — a figure that tracks inflation on college campuses. Gross made his comments at a news conference on the Iowa State University campus.