Iowa State associate head coach Terry Allen is trying to downplay his role in Saturday’s matchup with Kansas. Allen was fired as Jayhawks coach near the end of last season, but Allen says his relationship to the K-U program is not the main focus.Allen says it’s obviously a story reporters are interested in, but Allen says the reality is the upcoming game has nothing to do with him and is all about the Cyclone players bouncing back from a disappointing loss to Florida State and starting Big 12 competition. Allen says while he is familiar with the Jayhawks personnel, that’s as far as his expertise goes.Allen says he has no idea what Kansas — with its new coaching staff — will do in their season opener with the Cyclones. Allen was fired as Kansas head coach before the end of last season and he says his only regret is that he was not allowed to finish the season.Allen says he was obviously disappointed in how administrators handled the situation. Allen says players felt he abandoned them, and for that he feels bad, as Allen says he was forced to leave with a few games left on the schedule.