People are allergic to things like pollen, cats, shellfish — and soybeans — but scientists think they’ve found a way to take soybeans off the list. Eliot Herman, a U-S-D-A researcher, says he’s genetically created a new breed of bean that’s allergy-free.Iowa’s already the nation’s top soybean producer. Herman says it will take some time yet before this new genetically enhanced allergy-free soybean is popping out of the Hawkeye State’s soil, but when it does, he says it will allow producers to sell their beans to an even-bigger market.Many people don’t consider it, but Herman says an allergy to soybeans isn’t really that rare.About eight-percent of children and two-percent of adults are allergic to soybeans, as are many livestock and pets. Soybeans are used in many animal feeds and dog foods. Herman says soybean allergies may show up as hives, rashes and/or stomachaches.